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Fundraising Cruises Special Discounts on Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Cruise Discounts for FundraisersFundraising cruises are a great way to raise money for charity and non-profit organizations. Bargain Travel Cruises offers you the opportunity to raise money and have fun with a group cruise! Our special discounts on fundraising cruises are great for all destinations! If you’re looking for a Caribbean group cruise, then you’ve come to the right place!

Fundraising Cruises Destination Options:

  • East and West Caribbean
  • Bermuda
  • Alaska
  • East and West Mediterranean
  • And more!

When you book with Bargain Travel Cruises, we pair you up with the perfect fundraising cruise packaging option for you! We work with the best cruise lines and destinations to get you where you wanna go without all the hassle and extra money! Take part in early booking specials where you can experience lower rates, free balcony upgrade options and more! Book with us and we’ll pair you with the best cruise lines for the best prices for that perfect fundraising cruise event! Call us today and we’ll get you started on your next fundraiser cruise vacation at (800) 820-4567!

Top 5 Summer Cruise Vacation Destinations

Summer Vacation Spots

Summer is the perfect season to take a cruise. Although vacations are supposed to be a relaxing experience, deciding where you will spend your valuable vacation time can be stressful. These top 5 summer cruise destinations will help you finally make a decision. These cruise destinations are ideal for family vacations, and will be sure to create lifelong memories.

1. Summer Vacation Cruises to Alaska

Alaska is an ideal cruise destination during the summer. You not only do you have an opportunity to beat the heat, but you also can have breathtaking moments in some of the of the world’s most beautiful national parks. During your time in Alaska you can visit Denali National Park and Preserve and watch the grizzly bears, cruise by glaciers, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery from the ship. No matter which excursion you choose, you can’t lose when you cruise to Alaska.

2. Bermuda Summer Vacation Cruises

If the perfect day for you is sunbathing by the sea while watching the waves crash on the shore, Bermuda is the place for you! With its soft, sandy beaches and its tranquil turquoise water, it is the perfect summer vacation destination for someone who is in need of some serious relaxation. But don’t think you will be bored during your time in Bermuda! Not only is Bermuda relaxing, it is also an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you want to scuba dive through shipwrecks or tour the island’s historical St. Catherine Fort, Bermuda offers both the relaxation and the adventure you are looking for.

3. Take a Summer Vacation Cruise to Europe

It comes as no surprise that Europe is rich with history, culture and beautiful scenery. With so much to see it can be difficult trying to pick a European destination to travel to. Cruises create the best summer vacation because they allow you to see multiple vacation locations all in one trip. Take advantage of your summer vacation time and book a summer cruise to Europe. Cruising throughout the Mediterranean allows you to stop at multiple historical locations. So whether you’re looking to plan a romantic ride on a gondola through the canals of Venice or you want to explore the architectural beauty that is the Casino of Monte Carlo, you will enjoy every minute of your summer vacation cruise to Europe.

4. Cruise to Peru During the Summer

With your children out of school and your vacation time fast approaching, a memorable vacation awaits you in Peru. While you cruise to South America, make sure to plan a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru. While there, you can tour the remains of the ancient city that belonged to the Incas, and learn about their culture. It is sure to be an adventure!

5. Summer Vacation Cruises to Hawaii

Hawaii is an ultimate summer vacation destination because of all the attractions it offers. Exciting surfing sessions in Waikiki allow you to be adventurous, while a relaxing evening at a luau allows you to enjoy local culture. Hawaii offers attractions for everyone on your vacation!

Planning Your Summer Cruise

Bargain Travel Cruises offers trips to these vacation hotspots at affordable prices. Our travel experts will help you plan the perfect summer vacation destination for you! We offer great deals on group cruises, resort stays, tours and more! So call us at (800) 820-4567 or visit our website to plan your perfect summer cruise trip today!

Cruise Vacations: Family Fun by Land & Sea

Family Fun Cruises

Whether you’re looking to get away for a few days or a week or two, there are plenty of options for you and your family. While you may want a relaxing trip at sea on a beautiful cruise ship, your kids may want something full of fun and adventure at every turn. Even though you may have a different taste for a vacation, no one needs to sacrifice what they want!Family fun by land and seais a great compromise for families with different tastes! Check out these great options to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Try a Disney Cruise for Family Fun

Disney cruises are great for families with kids of all ages! With any three, four or five night cruise on the Disney cruise line, guests can receive up to a five-day park-hopper pass for everyone in their group. Your resort stay includes unlimited admission to all four theme parks! You just choose your cruise destination and whether you want to visit the park before or after your cruise. With Disney Cruises, you can choose from a wide variety of destinations such as Alaska, Bahamas, Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii and more! Kids can also enjoy a variety of different onboard youth activities while adults can enjoy elegant dining, nightclubs and lounges and serene salons and spas.

Have Family Fun with Royal Caribbean & Universal Studios

Another great option for families is a cruise with Royal Caribbean & Universal Studios. When you plan a three to four night Bahamas cruise, four to five night Western Caribbean cruise or a seven night Eastern/Western Caribbean cruise, you’ll receive a three to four day park passes for Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure! Your family will love the the different places you can travel to and have the thrills of roller coasters and attractions from Universal Studios.

Book an Alaskan Cruise for Family Adventure & Fun

For an adventurous and family-fun vacation, try an Alaskan land and sea cruise for your family! These cruises are perfect for families that love to be outdoors and being closer to nature. Alaskan cruises generally follow two basic land and sea routes, the Gulf of Alaska and western Canada. Alaskan cruises can be combined with Gulf of Alaska cruises and Inside Passage cruises. When combined, guests can spend a few nights in Denali National Park and experience Alaskan wildlife, hiking, Gold Rush history and so much more! An Alaskan cruise is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure for every family!

Book a Land & Sea Cruise for Family Fun

Just because you and your family may have a difference of opinions when it comes to the perfect vacation, no one needs to sacrifice getting what they want when you book a land and sea cruise. When you book with Bargain Travel Cruises, you will get the best cruise experience for your money! We will give you the best vacation for your hard earned money without skipping on the accommodations and details you want from your cruise. No matter where you want to travel to, you’ll be getting the best deal possible when you book with Bargain Travel. For more information about how we can help you find the best land and sea cruise for your family, give us a call today at (800) 820 – 4567.

The Best Cruise Beaches

Cruise Beach Destinations

Warm temperatures, crystal clear waters, breathtaking views and that fresh ocean breeze. Those are just some of the reasons why cruises to tropical places are so popular. Whether you’re a beach bum who likes to enjoy the sun and the water, or a more adventurous type that enjoys snorkeling, diving or kayaking, there is a beach for whatever you’re into! With Bargain Travel Cruises, we can help you find the best cruise to the best beach destinations for any interest! Bargain Travel Cruises is dedicated to giving you the best vacation for your hard earned money without shorting you on accommodations or other important details. “Travel at its best for less,” is our motto and we are dedicated to finding the best deal for you!

Best Beaches for Adventure Seekers

If you like to surf, kayak or explore old shipwrecks, we have found some of the best beaches you should cruise to! Hanauma Bay, Kailua Beach and Makaha Beach on Hawaii’s Oahu Island, has the best beaches for serious water sport fanatics. Hanauma Bay is considered snorkeling paradise. It offers moonlight snorkeling for free on Saturday nights, you just have to remember a flashlight. Kailua Beach is where visitors are able to try kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing and bodyboarding! Traveling to Makaha Beach in the winter is key for dedicated surfers. Large, fast and dangerous waves come in during the winter months, making it a surfers paradise.

Cruises to the Western and Southern Caribbean will provide extensive beaches for people looking to stay active or try something new. Chankanaab Bay and Lagoon, in Cozumel, is the best scuba diving and snorkeling and offers the widest variety of watersport rentals on the island. Caracas Bay Island, located in the Southern Caribbean, is great for mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, windsurfing and many more beach activities! At Antigua’s Jabberwock Beach is a great place to try kitesurfing. A powerful kite is used to propel a rider through the water on a surfboard. Wind conditions are always ideal at this beach and they offer private lessons at a kitesurfing school.

Best Beaches for Beach Bums

Beautiful scenery, clear, blue water and a great atmosphere is what makes these next beaches the best choice for people interested in relaxing and enjoying their vacation. A cruise to these beaches are great for families, friends or romantic couples who want to relax and enjoy their time at the beach. Baby Beach, in Aruba, is great for families. The water is shallow pool created by rock breakwaters and is typically no more than six feet deep. Payne’s Beach, Barbados is great for those looking for fun bars, beach cafes and beautiful cliffs and dunes. Malecon Beach in the Western Caribbean is beautiful beach filled with lounge chairs, umbrellas, boat rides and great bars.

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is a wonderful beach for families, romantic couples or friends. The two-mile stretch of beach with beachfront hotels and gentle waters, is what makes this beach so famous. Punaluu Black Sand Beach draws anyone who loves nature and unique beauty. The black sand, cool waters and sea turtles are what draws people to this magnificent beach and admiring the natural beauty. Kaanapali Beach is a three-mile beach with a great location for beachcombers, scuba divers and snorkelers combined. Wherever you decide to cruise to, remember that whatever you’re into, there is a beach for you. Start planning your cruise today with Bargain Travel Cruises! Call us at (800) 820 – 4567 today!

Top Five Things First-Time Cruisers Should Know

Cruise Facts For First Timers

If you are a first time cruiser, you may be a little unsure of what to expect from your first cruise experience. Below are a few things to keep in mind on your first cruise, to make sure you have the best time possible! Bargain Travel Cruises can help you have the best cruise experience by offering the lowest costs! Call us now at (800) 820-4567 to get started booking your once in a lifetime experience!

Book Your Cruise Early or Late

While you can always get a great deal through Bargain Travel Cruises, you can also find even better deals by booking your trip well in advance or booking last minute deals! Booking early gives you the opportunity to get the cabin you want as well as saving money in the process. Waiting until the last minute might save you more money, but you might miss out on the cabin you want. Call (800) 820-4567 to make sure you are getting the best deal possible when booking your first cruise!

Save Money by Opting Out of a Flight Package

All cruise lines offer the complete package when it comes to your cruise, including flights, hotel and transfers. First-time cruisers can looking into different prices for flights and hotels to figure out the best possible price for them. Bargain Travel Cruises is also available to help you decide what to book and when to book your first cruise. Call (800) 820-4567 today with any questions you might have about your first cruise!

Try a Shorter Cruise First

It might be best for a first-time cruiser to take a shorter cruise before venturing into a longer cruise! First-time cruisers that are worried about the cruise or being sea sick should “test the water” before you jump-in with a real cruise! Bargain Travel Cruises has plenty of options for first-time cruisers that want to take a test ride! Call us now with (800) 820-4567!

Beware of Added Costs

As a first-time cruiser, you might not know how much extra money you may be spending while on your cruise. Things like playing in the casinos, alcoholic beverages and professional photographs are not included in the price of your cruise. You also need to be mindful of your excursion’s costs and fees. Be sure to fit these into your budget to ensure you can do everything you want on your first cruise! Bargain Travel Cruises can help you add more money to your spending money by getting you the cheapest price on your dream cruise! Call us now at (800) 820-4567 to get the best deal on your first cruise!

Cruise Excursions

Shore excursions can be the most expensive additional cost, and they are offered at every port of call. Doing your research on the excursions and ports of call is a sure way to make sure you don’t spend all of your money on excursions. Have a plan as to what you want to do on your first cruise! Bargain Travel Cruises can help you with these excursions and help you save money on the cruise so you have money to do the excursions you really want! Call us now at (800) 820-4567!

Bon Voyage

Being aware of extra costs and other tips on cruising is sure to make your first cruise less stressful and more enjoyable. With all of this knowledge, you are ready to book your first cruise with Bargain Travel Cruises, now that you know a little more about what to expect! Call (800) 820-4567 and start planning the right first cruise for you!

Destination Shore Excursions for Your Next Cruise

Shore Activities for Cruises

Cruises are full of adventure and memorable moments. You not only get the bask in the beauty of the ocean, but you get to stop at a variety of exotic locations. Take advantage of your time on shore and plan the perfect activities for everyone on your trip! No matter where your ship docks, there are a variety of attractions that are sure to keep you entertained.

Adventure Excursions for Your Next Family or Group Cruise

Cruising to different locations all around the globe is an adventure in itself. But when your ship docks for the day, the adventure is just beginning! If adventure is calling your name, make sure you plan to do some scuba diving. Scuba diving is an excellent way to see all the beauty of the ocean in a new and exciting way. Research hotels or businesses that offer quality scuba diving lessons if this is your first time plunging into the deep. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of scuba diving but still want to explore the ocean, snorkeling is your best option. Snorkeling generally occurs in areas with much more shallow water and doesn’t require lessons or certification. Snorkeling can be a great family adventure if your children who are too young for scuba diving, but old enough to be confident swimmers.

Take to the Air

Adventures not only occur on land and sea, but even the air! Zip lining is a great way to have an adventure once your ship reaches shore. If you want to fly through the air while enjoying the scenery, zip lining is right for you! Destinations with forested areas are ideal for zip lining because not only will you fly through the air, you will see the beautiful vegetation and animals at your destination.

Indulge in the Local Culture

If you want to find adventure while still having a relaxing time, make sure to indulge in the local culture during your stop! Cruise ships often dock in areas that are rich with culture and history. Take advantage of your time and take a tour of the city. You can learn a thing or two while having a fun and adventurous time. To further your cultural experience, sample some of the local cuisine while listening to live music from the locals!

What are the Best Cruise Destinations?

Top Vacation Destinations

Cruises are the best for families, friends and romantic couples. Finding the best cruise destination for whatever the occasion, can be easy with Bargain Travel Cruises. Since 1965 Bargain Travel Cruises has been helping you find the best cruise deals for your hard earned dollar, without sacrificing accommodations or other important details. The motto, “travel at its best, for less,” shows you just how important finding you the best cruise deal is to Travel Bargain Cruises. Here are some of the best cruise destinations for various groups of travelers.

Cruise to the Caribbean

The Caribbean remains one of the top cruise destinations for friends, family and couples combined. Warm temperatures, crystal-clear waters and duty-free shopping are just some of the many reasons why the Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination. Cruises to the Caribbean can be taken at any time of the year, which is another reason why it’s such a popular place to visit. The most preferred time of the year to cruise the Caribbean is usually during the cold winter months when the average Caribbean temperature is in the low 80s to high 70s.

Cruise the Mediterranean

Cruises to Europe are gaining more and more popularity for all vacationers. You will love the history-rich cities, glamorous fashion and breathtaking castles and cathedrals. Most Mediterranean cruises have great weather year round, but the best time to plan yours is during the summer months. With so many different itinerary options, you’ll be able to find the best cruise for whoever you’re traveling with. The most popular is a Western Mediterranean cruise where you can explore Spain, Italy, and Greece!

Try an Alaskan Cruise

Alaskan cruises are one of the top cruise destinations in the United States! Breathtaking scenery, glaciers and amazing wildlife are just a few of the reasons that make this destination so popular. Anyone will love hiking, dog sledding or sea-kayaking along with so many countless activities and excursions. Since the extreme drop in climate and limited amount of sunlight, Alaskan cruises are offered through mid-May to mid-September. The best deal for an Alaskan cruise can be found at the end and very beginning of each season.

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family or your romantic partner, choose the best cruise for your vacation needs. If you’re looking to relax and enjoy the sun and the beach, then a Caribbean cruise is for you. If you’re looking for adventure, breathtaking scenery and historic sites then an Alaskan or Mediterranean cruise is exactly what you’re looking for. Just remember to have fun and find a cruise that works for you!

Things To Do on a Caribbean Cruise

Cruise Vacation Destination

The Caribbean is a place for thrill-seekers. From sport and leisure, adventure and exercise to relaxation, shopping and dining, you’re guaranteed to find your vacation thrill when you travel to one of the many extraordinary Caribbean destinations. With help from Bargain Travel Cruises, you will find everything you need for your Caribbean getaway, including vacation packages, hot discounts and cheap Caribbean cruises. Find out how you save on group cruises to the Caribbean today!

Adventure in the Caribbean

Vacations are a time for relaxation, and they are the best opportunity to get a little adventure into your life. The Caribbean offers a huge range of exciting activities on foot, on horseback, by boat or land transport. Dive below the surface to experience exotic sea creatures, vistas and breathtaking colors. Stay on land and explore the Caribbean scenery filled with beauty and nature. No matter what you choose to do, the Caribbean is the best place to be active and relaxed at the same time!

Caribbean Dining

Choose from an enormously varied cuisine, with foods and cooking styles that come from around the world. Caribbean diners serve a variety of dishes from around the globe–Dutch, French, British, Indonesian, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese.

Caribbean Beaches and Sun

The Caribbean beaches is where you will find waves up to 15 feet-high. Whether you’re snorkeling or surfing, you’ll love the Caribbean waters. Activities include water skiing, wind surfing, board surfing, and much more! The Caribbean is the best location for adventurous vacations.

Honeymoons and Weddings in the Caribbean

You want to make your wedding a day that you will always remember and your honeymoon a vacation that you will never forget. In the Caribbean, all your dreams will come true. A Caribbean destination is a favorite among honeymooners and newly weds. With so much to do and romance package options, you’ll see why the Caribbean is for your honeymoon or destination wedding!

Plan a Caribbean Cruise Getaway

When you plan a Caribbean cruise, you will be able to experience both land and water. A cruise is the only way to do it all. You can explore the underwater world of coral reef and exotic wildlife, or enjoy the beaches, land sports and dining the Caribbean has to offer. You will never run out of exciting and adventurous things to do in the Caribbean. Planning your vacation cruise is easy with Bargain Travel Cruises. We have the cruise discounts and deals to help you stay within your vacation budget. Bargain Travel Cruises has the adventurous cruise packages, group and family packages, discount prices and destinations you’re looking for! Book your Caribbean cruise today at (800) 820 – 4567.

Summer 2012 Most Searched Destinations

Top Destinations For Summer

Even as energy costs and gas prices are high, Americans aren’t decreasing spending on vacations or other recreation expenses. After all, Americans love their vacations, and they’ll find a way to travel despite high gas prices. Plus, this has happened before: When gas prices reached a record $4.11 per gallon in July 2008, Americans still traveled that summer. With help from Bargain Travel Cruises, you will find the most affordable prices for vacationing this summer. To find out how you can save money on your next vacation, call (800) 820-4567.

Booking engine Kayak has the data to prove that an increase in gas prices this summer will have little to no effect on American vacationers. According to Kayak, the most searched for US destination for summer 2012 travel is Las Vegas, while Los Angeles had the largest increase in search share, year after year. Searches on Las Vegas are up 20 percent, compared with 2011, while searches on Los Angeles are up up 22 percent.

Where Americans are Traveling

Despite the expected summer heat, Caribbean resorts are seeing a lot of interest. Kayak notes a 15 percent spike in searches to the Dominican Republic’s main hotspots of Punta Canta, Puerto Plata, and Santo Domingo. Down south, the Central American countries of Belize and Costa Rica continue to receive interest from American fliers. Searches for summer travel to Placencia, Belize are up 83 percent, while major Costa Rican resort towns are seeing spikes of interest of between 20 and 30 percent, says Kayak.

Americans are also interested in traveling west. Search results are jumping for Kahului and Hawaii (up 19 percent). For China, Shanghai is up 28 percent in search volume and Beijing is up 16 percent. The gains are at the expense of interest in Europe’s major cities, which all saw severe declines in interest. The company’s data is from travelers’ searches in January for trips this summer that include a Saturday overnight stay, with “summer” being defined as between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Don’t Let High Energy Prices Get You Down

For Bargain Travel Cruises, high gas prices mean low travel rates. You deserve a vacation with your hard-earned money! It is our goal to provide the cheapest package prices for the 2012 top searched travel destinations, including the hotspots mentioned above. Whether you’re looking for group packages, family travel, romantic getaways or just cheap travel prices, Bargain Travel Cruises is the name to know. We will set you up with the perfect travel package at the lowest price. For more information, call us today at (800) 820 – 4567.

Group Cruises

Group Cruise DestinationsWith our busy lives and busy careers, it’s hard to make quality take with friend and family. That’s why group cruises are so great; it’s your opportunity to spend time and connect with family and friends. There are a million reasons to plan a group cruise, and with Bargain Travel Cruises, there are a million ways to save! To find out more about how you can make the most out of a group cruise, call (800) 820-4567 today!

Cruise With People That Have Similar Interests

One of the main benefits of doing a group cruise is they are usually centered around a specific interest or hobby, so you will share an experience with other people that have the same interests! Whether you love to run, scrapbook, musical entertainment, speakers on certain topics, or just want to have fun, there is a group cruise just for you and your group! Before you make specific plans for excursions or on-ship activities, make sure you discuss it with your group, and make sure everyone will be interested.

Need Help Motivating Your Group?

We all have busy lives, and it’s hard to take time off of work for a vacation. If you’re having a hard time getting your group motivated to go on a group cruise, do a little research. Once you gather the resources and information, you will be able to educate your group with prices and on-ship entertainment and get them excited to cruise with you!

Enjoy Special Group Bonuses

Cruises are already known for providing exceptional value, since one price buys your cabin, dining and entertainment! Group Cruises help you receive additional savings since you will be splitting the costs with more people! There are almost always little bonuses for cruising with a group. Depending on your cruise line, you will enjoy shipboard credits or bottles of wine. Sometimes, cruise lines will offer a complimentary shore excursion for large groups!

Why Choose A Group Cruise?

If you want to have a wonderful time, exciting and adventurous days and relaxing nights with your friends and family, a group cruise is for you! Enjoy fun activities during the day and a delicious meal at night. Imagine a welcome cocktail party where everyone in your group will meet in a designated area to connect and discuss the fun activities for the duration of your group cruise trip! A group cruise is the best way to connect with friends, family and coworkers while staying within a budget. Let Bargain Travel Cruises take you there. Whether you are celebrating a family or school reunion, rewarding your employees, planning a trip for friends or a wedding, there is a group cruise for you and Bargain Travel Cruises wants to help you book it! We Call us now at (800) 820-4567 and get started planning your group cruise now! Ask about our group cruise deals!