Top 5 Summer Cruise Vacation Destinations

Summer Vacation Spots

Summer is the perfect season to take a cruise. Although vacations are supposed to be a relaxing experience, deciding where you will spend your valuable vacation time can be stressful. These top 5 summer cruise destinations will help you finally make a decision. These cruise destinations are ideal for family vacations, and will be sure to create lifelong memories.

1. Summer Vacation Cruises to Alaska

Alaska is an ideal cruise destination during the summer. You not only do you have an opportunity to beat the heat, but you also can have breathtaking moments in some of the of the world’s most beautiful national parks. During your time in Alaska you can visit Denali National Park and Preserve and watch the grizzly bears, cruise by glaciers, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery from the ship. No matter which excursion you choose, you can’t lose when you cruise to Alaska.

2. Bermuda Summer Vacation Cruises

If the perfect day for you is sunbathing by the sea while watching the waves crash on the shore, Bermuda is the place for you! With its soft, sandy beaches and its tranquil turquoise water, it is the perfect summer vacation destination for someone who is in need of some serious relaxation. But don’t think you will be bored during your time in Bermuda! Not only is Bermuda relaxing, it is also an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you want to scuba dive through shipwrecks or tour the island’s historical St. Catherine Fort, Bermuda offers both the relaxation and the adventure you are looking for.

3. Take a Summer Vacation Cruise to Europe

It comes as no surprise that Europe is rich with history, culture and beautiful scenery. With so much to see it can be difficult trying to pick a European destination to travel to. Cruises create the best summer vacation because they allow you to see multiple vacation locations all in one trip. Take advantage of your summer vacation time and book a summer cruise to Europe. Cruising throughout the Mediterranean allows you to stop at multiple historical locations. So whether you’re looking to plan a romantic ride on a gondola through the canals of Venice or you want to explore the architectural beauty that is the Casino of Monte Carlo, you will enjoy every minute of your summer vacation cruise to Europe.

4. Cruise to Peru During the Summer

With your children out of school and your vacation time fast approaching, a memorable vacation awaits you in Peru. While you cruise to South America, make sure to plan a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru. While there, you can tour the remains of the ancient city that belonged to the Incas, and learn about their culture. It is sure to be an adventure!

5. Summer Vacation Cruises to Hawaii

Hawaii is an ultimate summer vacation destination because of all the attractions it offers. Exciting surfing sessions in Waikiki allow you to be adventurous, while a relaxing evening at a luau allows you to enjoy local culture. Hawaii offers attractions for everyone on your vacation!

Planning Your Summer Cruise

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