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Best Cruise Itinerary for Adventure Seekers

Cruises for Adventure

Scrap your plans for the usual beach vacation and shake things up with some adventurous travel. If you want to see the world and create memories that will last a lifetime, then you have to check out the best cruise itineraries for adventure seekers. These adventure hot spots offer a variety of activities to help you explore local culture, scenery and much more. And by taking a cruise you get to visit multiple destinations during one trip to amp up your adventure. So pack your bags and get ready for an incredible vacation!

Best South American Adventure Cruise Itineraries

When adventure is calling your name, you have to to plan a trip to South America. This continent has some of the best adventure cruise itineraries that are rich with culture, history and much more to explore. Cruise to the Galapagos Islands and snorkel with sea turtles, or visit Ecuador and cycle down the side of an active volcano. In South America you have an endless amount of adventure options!

Best Cruises for Adventure Seekers in the Middle East

Skip the usual beach vacation and travel to a desert oasis for your next adventure. Cruise throughout the Middle East and explore local culture, beautiful scenery and more. Whether you decide to stroll through a bazaar, tour historic and incredible architecture, or enjoy a desert safari you will be happy you planned the perfect cruise itinerary for adventure seekers. Whether you want to explore the opulence of the United Arab Emirates or take a ride on a camel throughout the deserts of Oman, you will definitely enjoy your adventure adventure in the Middle East!

Antarctic Cruise Itineraries are Perfect for Adventure Seekers

Explore terrain unseen by most by taking an adventure cruise to Antarctica! Antarctica offers some of the best adventure cruise activities that are packed with thrills, adventure and amazement. Spend some time off of the ship and and explore the beauty of the land. See hundreds of penguins, take a boat tour throughout glaciers or hop in a kayak and explore the beautiful marine life!

Plan Your Next Adventure Cruise Itinerary

At Bargain Travel Cruises, we will help you plan the perfect adventure! Offering cruises and tours to these adventure destinations and many more, we will work with you to make the process of planning a trip easy. Our experts offer knowledge and insight into these adventure destinations to help you plan the trip of your dreams. When it comes to adventure travel, trust the professionals at Bargain travel Cruises. Call us today at (800) 820-4567.

The Best Travel Deals

Deals on Traveling

Bargain Travel Cruises provides the best travel deals! We’ve been providing friendly cost-saving travel services since 1965! Whether you’re looking to travel by land or sea, our travel professionals are here to guide you in planning, and provide the best discounts possible. Let us show you how you can save on your travel costs! Bargain Travel Cruises is the place to find the best travel deals for vacations of all types. Call (800) 820- 4567 to start planning your next vacation.

Best Package Deals for Travel

Get the most for your money with some of the best package deals from Bargain Travel Cruises. Have you ever wanted to visit China or see the Alaskan Wilderness? The easiest way to get the best vacation deals is to visit Bargain Travel Cruises. We have numerous packages for the best travel deals all over the world. No matter what size your group is, we offer package deals for everyone. From cruises down the Yangtze River to Sawyer Glacier in Alaska, Bargain Travel Cruises has the best deals on travel around.

Best Travel Deals on the Land Side

If a cruise isn’t quite what you had in mind Bargain Travel Cruises also can help you find the best travel deals on land as well. Bargain Travel Cruises is dedicated to helping its clients book the best deal on travel no matter where it is. If you are looking at planning a vacation soon, let Bargain Travel Cruises help. Bargain Travel Cruises have been getting its customers the best travel deals since 1965. Call today (800) 820-4567.

For the Best Travel Deals Let a Travel Agent Plan Your Next Trip

Planning a trip can take the fun out of vacation. Bargain Travel Cruises has been securing the best travel deals for clients since 1965. Bargain Travel Cruises offers a variety of packages for the best vacation deals all over the world. So for your next vacation, let Bargain Travel Cruises take the stress out of vacation planning. Visit Bargain Travel Cruises for a free vacation quote. Start planning today!

Best Last Minute Travel Deals

Find a Travel Deal

We have all been guilty of procrastination, but now vacation arrangements do not have to suffer with Bargain Travel Cruises’ best last minute travel deals. By typing in your preferences and information in a quick and easy matching system, Bargain Travel Cruises can set you up with your dream vacation hassle free. Cost efficient and accommodating to various schedules and spending options, this cruise service will quickly become your No.1 spot for last minute deals that will have you coming back for future vacation plans. Visit our site to view the mentioned matching vacation cruise options today and reserve your cruise!

Best Travel Deals at the Last Minute

Avoid that last-minute frustration by signing up for guest registration and have all the necessary tools to book your perfect cruise constantly on hand. Receive email newsletters and short notice travel offers so that your may still acquire the very best last minute travel deals from Bargain Travel Cruises. You can have your travel preferences and interests saved on file and then be alerted should an opportunity for your to take advantage of arise. Trust Bargain Travel Cruises to have your back even at those troubling last-minute times when getting the best travel deals seems impossible. Call 800-820-4567 for all inquiries and comments.

How to Acquire Best Last Minute Cruise Deals

The secret to getting the best last minute cruise travel deals is, believe it or not, preparing ahead of time. Even if you are not in vacation mode this instant and are looking further into the future, check out Bargain Travel Cruise and see what it has to offer. Get yourself familiar with the layout of the site, view the travel destinations and discounts. Call 800-820-4567 for more about our offers!

Book the Best Last Minute Travel Deals Now!

Bargain Travel Cruises is flexible and manageable for all last minute travel deals and can easily work out a great solution to insure a fabulous dream cruise for you and your family. Check out our cruise deals or call 800-820-4567 and request a free quote. Isn’t it about time you look into a well-deserved rest and relaxation? Get started today and you will be soaking up the Caribbean sun soon enough.

Best Dive Sites For Your Caribbean Vacation

Diving on your Cruise

When most people think of the Caribbean, they imagine sitting on a sandy beach looking at the tranquil, blue water. If you’re traveling to the Caribbean and are ready to see the beauty of the ocean from a different perspective, you need to check out the best dive sites for a Caribbean vacation. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced scuba diver, you will be amazed at what these sites have to offer!

Bermuda Vacation Diving Sites

Bermuda has so much to explore under the ocean’s surface, and the absolute best place to scuba dive in Bermuda is the South West Breaker. As the shipwreck capital of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda allows you to dive through wreckage from as early as 1880. But what truly makes the South West Breaker unique is its aquatic wildlife. This reef site offers large quantities usually only seen in aquariums! You can swim with grouper, barracudas and more!

Where to Dive in Turks and Caicos

North West Point is the ultimate place to dive in Turks and Caicos, and it is a favorite amongst divers in the area! It offers caverns, tunnels, reefs and more that create a unique and memorable experience no matter how many times you dive here! Be sure to visit one of the most popular dive sites during your vacation!

Best Places to Dive in the Dominican Republic

If you’re traveling to the Dominican Republic, be sure to stop by La Sirena Cave. This dive site is a series of interconnected underwater caverns, which guarantees an amazing diving experience! What makes this underwater cave such a special dive site is its water. Rather than salt water, you will dive through freshwater which will ensure a crystal clear diving experience. View stalactites and stalagmites that will make you feel as though you’re on another planet! After your dive, you can continue to explore this cave on foot!

How to Plan Your Caribbean Vacation

No matter which dive site or country in the Caribbean you plan to visit, be sure to book your trip with Bargain Travel Cruises! Our travel experts will help create the perfect vacation package for you. We offer cruises, tours and resort packages that will be sure to create memories with your friends and family! Let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime! For more information about Caribbean vacation planning, call the travel experts at (800) 820-4567 today!

Tips On Booking Your First Cruise

How to Book Your First CruiseTaking a cruise for the first time can be exciting adventure. The scenery can constantly change as you wake up in a different port each day, and you only have to pack and unpack once! Keep these helpful tips in mind when booking your first cruise.

Getting to the Ship

Depending on where you live, you will most likely have to do some traveling to reach the port where your ship is. You can drive, fly or take a train. Some cruise lines have specially chartered flights to get to your destination. Sometimes your luggage will be collected at the destination airport and delivered to your cabin. It all depends on which cruise line you choose, so be sure to check yours offers when making travel arrangements.

Taster Cruises

A typical cruise lasts for seven days. If that is too long for you, many cruise lines offer “taster cruises” that last between two to five days. These have become very popular, so be sure to book early.

Family or Adults Only?

If you are vacationing with children, choose a large resort ship. These provide a safe, hassle-free environment with lots of activities for the kids. Many ships have babysitting services, which allows parents to have time to themselves. Cruises can also be educational, allowing children to interact with others.

If aren’t traveling with children and you don’t like crowds, noise or games, choose a small to mid-size ship. There are many companies that offer adult-only cruises.

Choosing a Cabin

Pick a cabin with an outside-view. If you are concerned with motion sickness, choose a cabin in the midsection of the ship. You won’t be spending a great deal of time in this room, but you will have to at least sleep there.


There are benefits that come with booking early and booking late. If you book early, you could receive discounts, on-board credit, free transfers, cabin upgrade and a choice of cabins. Booking late can have its advantages too. If you book late and are flexible about your travel dates, you could get someone’s cancelled cabin or a big discount. The downside to booking late is you won’t have a choice of cabins and will probably have to choose from cabins with obstructed views, interior cabins, or ones located in noisy areas.

Travel Documents

For cruises to Mexico or the Caribbean you will need a US Passport or a picture ID and a birth certificate. Most cruise lines now require you to fill out travel documents online that include your passport number and emergency contact information. It is recommended that you fill these forms out at least eight weeks prior to your departure.

You will typically receive your cruise documents 30 days prior to the cruise. If you book an air/sea package, your documents will come about two weeks prior to your sail date. It is not unusual to receive your documents six weeks before or a week before departure. A lot of it depends on who you book your cruise with. If you book directly with the cruise line, you can expect your documents early. If you booked through an agency, you will receive them closer to the departure date.

7 Tips for the Best Cruise Deal

Deals on Cruises

Planning a cruise can be exciting, stressful and expensive all at the same time. But with some planning and some extra help from these bargain tips, you’ll be able to plan the cruise you’ve always wanted and save a ton of cash! Bargain Travel Cruises has been helping people save money on cruises since 1965. Our motto, “travel at its best, for less,” tells you just how devoted we are to helping you find the best cruise deal when you travel. Here are a few tips on how to find the best cruise deal!

Know When to Travel for the Best Cruise

Plan when you want to take your cruise. Many cruise lines offer great incentives during their big “wave period.” The cruise industry has a peak time during the months of January through March, when they offer customers amazing deals such as frequent flyer miles for your purchase, rewards through credit card purchases, or even gifts and gadgets. If the wave season doesn’t go as planned, prices will dramatically drop during the spring season. Another surefire way to save big is by planning a trip outside of the typical peak season. If you are willing to visit the Caribbean or Europe during the fall or Alaska in early September, prices will be much more comfortable and reasonable.

Check Your Local Paper for Best Cruise Deals

Many cruise lines place ads for their cruises in the travel section. Newspapers near larger cities or cities near cruise docks like Miami, Tampa, or Fort Lauderdale is one of the best ways to find a good deal. Try purchasing a short-term subscription to these papers or look them up online.

Book Last Minute for Cruise Discounts

Booking trips last minute is an excellent way to find cruise deals to the destination of your choice. Even though you might not get your first pick of cabin or itinerary, you will be able to get a cabin and a fantastic destination at a great price.

Be Flexible When Booking a Cruise

While you might be set on a cruise leaving from Miami, there might be a better deal on cruises leaving from Baltimore. If you can be flexible about your cruise preferences, you have better chance of finding a great deal. While you have the right to pick and choose your choices for your vacation, don’t limit yourself and decrease the chance of finding a great deal to the destination of your choice!

Take Advantage of Incentives When Booking a Cruise

Many ships offer a variety of incentives to fill their ships so they don’t have to drop prices when it gets closer the the sailing date. If room location isn’t important, many ships offer discounts of up to $100 per person for bookings in an unspecified room location. Other cruise lines have even given new smartphones out for booking with their line. Other incentives can include room upgrades, complimentary excursions, and even past passenger discounts.

Find the Best Deals with Popular Cruise Lines

Cruise lines work hard to sell their cruises and make sure their ships are full, so sometimes they work with larger booking agencies that always have a high volume of travel sales. When a price is determined by the cruise line, they can decide if they want to sell a cruise at a discount with a specific site. When you’re out looking for cruises onlines, try looking at big sellers who will be able to get a better deal for you.

Find the Best Cruise Deal With a Travel Agent

Since finding the best price, destination, and cruise itineraries can be overwhelming, travel agents can be extremely useful. Travel agents can be helpful for customers that have specific special requests or that require visas and other special documentation. Bargain Travel Cruises offers the best discount cruise prices and caring professionals who will make planning a cruise easy! A cruise is a great way to vacation! Whether you’re looking for group cruises, family cruises or romantic getaway cruises, we can get you a great cruise discount on any world destination! Start planning your cruise vacation today, and call us at (800) 820 – 4567.

Activities on an African Cruise

Cruises to Africa

There is so much to do when you cruise to Africa you won’t know what to do first! Hike a mountain, go on a safari or relax on a beach and let Bargain Travel Cruises get your there at the lowest possible price! Bargain Travel Cruises makes sure you save money so you can do everything Africa has to offer. Call (800) 820-4567 now to get started booking your once in a lifetime African adventure!

Take an African Adventure

A trip to Africa is sure to be full of once in a lifetime adventure and Bargain Travel Cruises is ready to help you save on your vacation! While in Africa you can go on a safari, hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, explore the pyramids or go on any number of adventures that are available in Africa! Bargain Travel Cruises wants to help you bring out your inner explorer without breaking the bank, so call (800) 820-4567 now to book your African cruise!

Discovering African Cuisine

Africa offers numerous culinary tours to help you get a taste for Africa during your African Cruise! Whatever country you are visiting in Africa, be sure you try their local cuisine so you are sure to get the best taste of Africa! While most of their dishes include mostly local fruits and grains some of their more exotic dishes are a must try! Crocodile, springbok, and ostrich meat is rare, so if you get the opportunity make sure you take it! Call (800) 820-4567 now to book your African cruise with Bargain Travel Cruises!

The Best in Landmarks and Beaches in Africa

Africa has no shortage of landmarks and beaches for tourists to enjoy on their vacation! Let Bargain Travel Cruises get you there at the best possible price! On your African cruise visit Mount Kilimanjaro, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Serengeti or Lake Malawi! Africa is also home to beautiful beaches like Mnemba Island, Bom Bom Islet and Likoma Island! Call (800) 820-4567 and start planning your African cruise!

Book Your Honeymoon in Africa

Africa is a very special place for your romantic getaway with a number of perfect spots for your honeymoon on an African cruise. The most popular honeymoon spots include a safari and Victoria Falls, Kruger Park, Manda Bay and Cape Town. Let Bargain Travel Cruises follow up your perfect day with the perfect honeymoon and an African Cruise! Call us today at (800) 820-4567!

Once in a Lifetime Adventure

Start planning your once in a lifetime African adventure now by call Bargain Travel Cruises at (800) 820-4567! See everything that Africa has to offer from safaris, famous landmarks, unique cuisine and amazing beaches! An African cruise is sure to be one of the most memorable vacations you will ever experience, Bargain Travel Cruises wants to help you get there at an affordable rate! So Call Bargain Travel Cruises today and get started on your once in a lifetime adventure!

Heat Up This Spring with an Alaskan Cruise

Cruises to Alaska

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Alaska? If you answered cold, you are not alone. However, traveling to Alaska doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need your warmest arctic gear. With a little help from Bargain Travel Cruises, you can plan your cruise to Alaska at the right time for the best price.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Alaska?

The best time to travel to Alaska is between May and September. Depending on your traveling interests, each month has its own benefits. For example, June and July are the warmest months to travel to Alaska. Spring and fall are perfect for season changes and sightseeing in Alaska. If you’re interested in saving money, the cheapest time to travel to Alaska is during the colder months of April and October.

What will the Temperature Be, and What Should I Wear?

When planning an Alaskan cruise, it’s important to pack for cold weather. The cruise ships will visit places where you’ll be able to tour places surrounded in ice, walk across a glacier or go dog-sledding. If you travel between the May and September Alaska cruise season, the temperatures will be warmer; especially while you’re visiting the major ports or cities. Before you go, do a little research to find the best apparel to pack and the average temperatures for the places you’ll visit.

Plan an Alaskan Cruise Tour

When you plan an Alaskan cruise tour, you will get the opportunity to experience Alaska both coastal and interior. A cruise tour is the best way to see it all. You can explore Mt. McKinley or Denali National Park, view wildlife in its natural habitat and visit beautiful mountain lodges. Bargain Travel Cruises has the adventurous travel packages and shore excursions you’re looking for. With cheap prices and group package deals, a cruise tour with Bargain Travel Cruises is the only way to go. Call us today to book your Alaska vacation for a small portion of what other cruise lines will charge you! For more information about discounts and deals, Alaskan cruises and group rates, call (800) 820 – 4567.

Free Travel Apps for Your Smartphone

Apps for Traveling
Don’t Worry, Be ‘Appy’

With millions of smartphone apps to make the world go ‘round, there are a handful to help you get around the world. With these free apps and help from Bargain Travel Cruises, your next vacation will be smooth sailing. Whether you’re traveling with an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry, here’s a peek at the top apps and resources to make your trip effortless.

Trip It

With this travel organizer, link your email account to the app and keep all of your confirmation numbers and itineraries in one place. You’ll never have to dig through unorganized, printed or paper itineraries again! The best part – any changes or flight delays sent to your email will be automatically updated on your Trip It app.


This app is the way to track your flight! Provide your airline and flight number, and let FlightAware do the rest! Special features allow for updates on flights, gate changes and cancellations.

Gate Guru

Here’s another app for airport updates and information. However this travel resource allows you to see a list of airport food, shops and services, terminals, airport amenities and more! Discover the rundown on which stores and restaurants are in each terminal. Read more than 30,000 reviews and tips from fellow travelers. This app makes it so easy to find a particular product or service while you’re waiting for your flight.


This photo sharing app acts as your very own Photoshop. Turn your photos into art with a variety of professional, antiquated or artistic filters. Share your photos and vacation experiences with the touch of a button. Link your social media accounts to share across the networks!

Hotel Tonight

Your plans suddenly change and you need a room for the night, but where do you go? This app will not only help you find a last-minute room, it will also get you a deal. With the push of a button, you can reserve a room with discounts up to 70 percent.

Taxi Magic

If you’re in a city that you don’t know very well, finding a taxi can be difficult. Who do you call? How much will you pay? Use this app to find, book and pay for a cab. With participating cab companies, you can pay directly through your phone for a documentation fee of $1.50. If the area doesn’t have participating cab companies, Taxi Magic will give you the numbers for local cab companies.


You won’t get lost with this app! EveryTrail has GPS to guide you on an easy-to-read map as you walk. View street names, a compass, audio guides, POI’s. You can also see the details of your average speed, elevation and duration. Share spots worth seeing with travelers all over the world.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Don’t pay ridiculous hotel Internet fees when you can find tons of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. With more than 500,000 Wi-Fi locations in more than 144 countries, this is the best app for finding free public Wi-Fi hotspots. Users can also add locations to the app.

Google Translate

This free app is a must when you’re traveling to foreign countries. This useful resource translates words and phrases into more than 60 different languages using voice recognition software. Either speak or type the word or phrase and let Google Translate do the rest! You can also view dictionary results for single words.


Resembling the social location site, FourSquare, this app was designed with the traveler in mind. Discover the world with Gowalla, and check in and review places, build virtual passports, share photos and earn rewards. The coolest feature of this app lets you follow pre-planned trips.

Planning Your Vacation

Now that you have all the necessary tools to guide you through your next vacation, it’s time to book one! Bargain Travel Cruises offers the best in destination packages and prices. You won’t believe how much time and money you’ll save when you plan your trip with Bargain Travel Cruises. For more information on discounts, packages and destinations, call us at (800) 820 – 4567.

5 Travel Secrets to Save You Money

Money-Saving Travel Secrets

Costs can build up when planning your trip, especially when you’re traveling abroad. Why pay more than you need to on travel? With a little extra planning and these travel secrets, you’ll save a bundle on your next trip. Bargain Travel Cruises specializes in the helping you save cash on your vacations, so you can spend it where you want it! Find out how we can save you money on your next vacation (800) 820-4567.

Pre-Book Airport Parking

If you are planning to leave your vehicle at the airport during your vacation, consider booking your parking well in advance. Booking on the day of arrival is much more expensive. The online booking system makes it simple to compare rates and prices. Plus, you’ll save travel time when you know where to park, frequency of shuttle transfers and how far the lot is from the terminal. When you pre-book your airport parking it allows you to save time, money and the hassle!


Bring your own food. Airports will overcharge you for the convenience of travel snacks, drinks and candy. Plus, most airlines will charge you for the pretzels or nuts that were once free. Save a few bucks by packing snacks instead of buying them at the airport or on the plane. Airport safety regulations won’t allow you to bring your own drinks, but the alternative is a water bottle with a built in purifier. This way, you can be sure to have safe water for the whole trip!

Beat Baggage Fees

With check-in baggage fees costing as much as $50 a flight, there’s a few ways to avoid these hefty rates. New luggage designs allow you to stash as much as you need into your carry-on bag. Wearable luggage is available, allowing the passenger to pack small items into a coat or vest. This way, the passenger can still bring a regulatory-sized carry on, along with a wearable bag. Dedicated followers of fashion will want to stick to a foldable version, and wear it only during check-in and boarding. If you do plan on checking your bags, make sure you check the weight regulations for your flight, and weigh your bags at home to avoid extra costs. The weight limit is 50 lbs per luggage. If your suitcase weighs more than 50 lbs they will charge you for every extra pound! Be smart about your packing and you could save a fortune!

Eat Like a Local

Eating out while on vacation can be extremely costly. You’re likely to eat better and save money when you eat like a local. Doing a little research will allow you to find locally sourced (and tasty) produce for less than you think. Another tip is stocking up on hotel snacks and buffets or shopping in local supermarkets. Also, another great dining trip is to look for all inclusive resorts, it will save you time and money! Did you know that when you take a cruise your food is included? Save money when you travel with a cruise line! Make sure you purchase a “soda/coke card” for one low one-time payment you can have unlimited soda while on your cruise.

Save on Foreign Currency Exchange

Don’t wait until you get to the airport or your destination to withdraw money. While it may seem unsafe to bring a large amount of cash with you, you will save on withdrawal charges and commission fees. For your safety, keep your money in different places, and use your debit card only when you have to. Also note that “commission free” bureaus are not the cheapest place to get cash. Although they might not levy a commission charge, they could offer extremely poor rates of exchange. You are better off going to a place that charges the commission but offers a better exchange rate. The best way to avoid this is to do your research prior to your trip. Another great way to keep your money safe is to get travelers checks. This way you will save on exchange rates and your money is safe.

Planning Your Budget-Friendly Vacation

Bargain Travel Cruises offers the best in destination packages and prices. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a group travel or a couple’s getaway, we will set you up with the perfect trip at the best price possible. You won’t believe how much you’ll save when you book your vacation cruise with us. For more information on discount packages, group travel or vacation destination, call us today at (800) 820-4567.