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Activities on an African Cruise

Cruises to Africa

There is so much to do when you cruise to Africa you won’t know what to do first! Hike a mountain, go on a safari or relax on a beach and let Bargain Travel Cruises get your there at the lowest possible price! Bargain Travel Cruises makes sure you save money so you can do everything Africa has to offer. Call (800) 820-4567 now to get started booking your once in a lifetime African adventure!

Take an African Adventure

A trip to Africa is sure to be full of once in a lifetime adventure and Bargain Travel Cruises is ready to help you save on your vacation! While in Africa you can go on a safari, hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, explore the pyramids or go on any number of adventures that are available in Africa! Bargain Travel Cruises wants to help you bring out your inner explorer without breaking the bank, so call (800) 820-4567 now to book your African cruise!

Discovering African Cuisine

Africa offers numerous culinary tours to help you get a taste for Africa during your African Cruise! Whatever country you are visiting in Africa, be sure you try their local cuisine so you are sure to get the best taste of Africa! While most of their dishes include mostly local fruits and grains some of their more exotic dishes are a must try! Crocodile, springbok, and ostrich meat is rare, so if you get the opportunity make sure you take it! Call (800) 820-4567 now to book your African cruise with Bargain Travel Cruises!

The Best in Landmarks and Beaches in Africa

Africa has no shortage of landmarks and beaches for tourists to enjoy on their vacation! Let Bargain Travel Cruises get you there at the best possible price! On your African cruise visit Mount Kilimanjaro, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Serengeti or Lake Malawi! Africa is also home to beautiful beaches like Mnemba Island, Bom Bom Islet and Likoma Island! Call (800) 820-4567 and start planning your African cruise!

Book Your Honeymoon in Africa

Africa is a very special place for your romantic getaway with a number of perfect spots for your honeymoon on an African cruise. The most popular honeymoon spots include a safari and Victoria Falls, Kruger Park, Manda Bay and Cape Town. Let Bargain Travel Cruises follow up your perfect day with the perfect honeymoon and an African Cruise! Call us today at (800) 820-4567!

Once in a Lifetime Adventure

Start planning your once in a lifetime African adventure now by call Bargain Travel Cruises at (800) 820-4567! See everything that Africa has to offer from safaris, famous landmarks, unique cuisine and amazing beaches! An African cruise is sure to be one of the most memorable vacations you will ever experience, Bargain Travel Cruises wants to help you get there at an affordable rate! So Call Bargain Travel Cruises today and get started on your once in a lifetime adventure!