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Free Travel Apps for Your Smartphone

Apps for Traveling
Don’t Worry, Be ‘Appy’

With millions of smartphone apps to make the world go ‘round, there are a handful to help you get around the world. With these free apps and help from Bargain Travel Cruises, your next vacation will be smooth sailing. Whether you’re traveling with an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry, here’s a peek at the top apps and resources to make your trip effortless.

Trip It

With this travel organizer, link your email account to the app and keep all of your confirmation numbers and itineraries in one place. You’ll never have to dig through unorganized, printed or paper itineraries again! The best part – any changes or flight delays sent to your email will be automatically updated on your Trip It app.


This app is the way to track your flight! Provide your airline and flight number, and let FlightAware do the rest! Special features allow for updates on flights, gate changes and cancellations.

Gate Guru

Here’s another app for airport updates and information. However this travel resource allows you to see a list of airport food, shops and services, terminals, airport amenities and more! Discover the rundown on which stores and restaurants are in each terminal. Read more than 30,000 reviews and tips from fellow travelers. This app makes it so easy to find a particular product or service while you’re waiting for your flight.


This photo sharing app acts as your very own Photoshop. Turn your photos into art with a variety of professional, antiquated or artistic filters. Share your photos and vacation experiences with the touch of a button. Link your social media accounts to share across the networks!

Hotel Tonight

Your plans suddenly change and you need a room for the night, but where do you go? This app will not only help you find a last-minute room, it will also get you a deal. With the push of a button, you can reserve a room with discounts up to 70 percent.

Taxi Magic

If you’re in a city that you don’t know very well, finding a taxi can be difficult. Who do you call? How much will you pay? Use this app to find, book and pay for a cab. With participating cab companies, you can pay directly through your phone for a documentation fee of $1.50. If the area doesn’t have participating cab companies, Taxi Magic will give you the numbers for local cab companies.


You won’t get lost with this app! EveryTrail has GPS to guide you on an easy-to-read map as you walk. View street names, a compass, audio guides, POI’s. You can also see the details of your average speed, elevation and duration. Share spots worth seeing with travelers all over the world.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Don’t pay ridiculous hotel Internet fees when you can find tons of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. With more than 500,000 Wi-Fi locations in more than 144 countries, this is the best app for finding free public Wi-Fi hotspots. Users can also add locations to the app.

Google Translate

This free app is a must when you’re traveling to foreign countries. This useful resource translates words and phrases into more than 60 different languages using voice recognition software. Either speak or type the word or phrase and let Google Translate do the rest! You can also view dictionary results for single words.


Resembling the social location site, FourSquare, this app was designed with the traveler in mind. Discover the world with Gowalla, and check in and review places, build virtual passports, share photos and earn rewards. The coolest feature of this app lets you follow pre-planned trips.

Planning Your Vacation

Now that you have all the necessary tools to guide you through your next vacation, it’s time to book one! Bargain Travel Cruises offers the best in destination packages and prices. You won’t believe how much time and money you’ll save when you plan your trip with Bargain Travel Cruises. For more information on discounts, packages and destinations, call us at (800) 820 – 4567.