7 Tips for the Best Cruise Deal

Deals on Cruises

Planning a cruise can be exciting, stressful and expensive all at the same time. But with some planning and some extra help from these bargain tips, you’ll be able to plan the cruise you’ve always wanted and save a ton of cash! Bargain Travel Cruises has been helping people save money on cruises since 1965. Our motto, “travel at its best, for less,” tells you just how devoted we are to helping you find the best cruise deal when you travel. Here are a few tips on how to find the best cruise deal!

Know When to Travel for the Best Cruise

Plan when you want to take your cruise. Many cruise lines offer great incentives during their big “wave period.” The cruise industry has a peak time during the months of January through March, when they offer customers amazing deals such as frequent flyer miles for your purchase, rewards through credit card purchases, or even gifts and gadgets. If the wave season doesn’t go as planned, prices will dramatically drop during the spring season. Another surefire way to save big is by planning a trip outside of the typical peak season. If you are willing to visit the Caribbean or Europe during the fall or Alaska in early September, prices will be much more comfortable and reasonable.

Check Your Local Paper for Best Cruise Deals

Many cruise lines place ads for their cruises in the travel section. Newspapers near larger cities or cities near cruise docks like Miami, Tampa, or Fort Lauderdale is one of the best ways to find a good deal. Try purchasing a short-term subscription to these papers or look them up online.

Book Last Minute for Cruise Discounts

Booking trips last minute is an excellent way to find cruise deals to the destination of your choice. Even though you might not get your first pick of cabin or itinerary, you will be able to get a cabin and a fantastic destination at a great price.

Be Flexible When Booking a Cruise

While you might be set on a cruise leaving from Miami, there might be a better deal on cruises leaving from Baltimore. If you can be flexible about your cruise preferences, you have better chance of finding a great deal. While you have the right to pick and choose your choices for your vacation, don’t limit yourself and decrease the chance of finding a great deal to the destination of your choice!

Take Advantage of Incentives When Booking a Cruise

Many ships offer a variety of incentives to fill their ships so they don’t have to drop prices when it gets closer the the sailing date. If room location isn’t important, many ships offer discounts of up to $100 per person for bookings in an unspecified room location. Other cruise lines have even given new smartphones out for booking with their line. Other incentives can include room upgrades, complimentary excursions, and even past passenger discounts.

Find the Best Deals with Popular Cruise Lines

Cruise lines work hard to sell their cruises and make sure their ships are full, so sometimes they work with larger booking agencies that always have a high volume of travel sales. When a price is determined by the cruise line, they can decide if they want to sell a cruise at a discount with a specific site. When you’re out looking for cruises onlines, try looking at big sellers who will be able to get a better deal for you.

Find the Best Cruise Deal With a Travel Agent

Since finding the best price, destination, and cruise itineraries can be overwhelming, travel agents can be extremely useful. Travel agents can be helpful for customers that have specific special requests or that require visas and other special documentation. Bargain Travel Cruises offers the best discount cruise prices and caring professionals who will make planning a cruise easy! A cruise is a great way to vacation! Whether you’re looking for group cruises, family cruises or romantic getaway cruises, we can get you a great cruise discount on any world destination! Start planning your cruise vacation today, and call us at (800) 820 – 4567.