best cruise beaches

The Best Cruise Beaches

Cruise Beach Destinations

Warm temperatures, crystal clear waters, breathtaking views and that fresh ocean breeze. Those are just some of the reasons why cruises to tropical places are so popular. Whether you’re a beach bum who likes to enjoy the sun and the water, or a more adventurous type that enjoys snorkeling, diving or kayaking, there is a beach for whatever you’re into! With Bargain Travel Cruises, we can help you find the best cruise to the best beach destinations for any interest! Bargain Travel Cruises is dedicated to giving you the best vacation for your hard earned money without shorting you on accommodations or other important details. “Travel at its best for less,” is our motto and we are dedicated to finding the best deal for you!

Best Beaches for Adventure Seekers

If you like to surf, kayak or explore old shipwrecks, we have found some of the best beaches you should cruise to! Hanauma Bay, Kailua Beach and Makaha Beach on Hawaii’s Oahu Island, has the best beaches for serious water sport fanatics. Hanauma Bay is considered snorkeling paradise. It offers moonlight snorkeling for free on Saturday nights, you just have to remember a flashlight. Kailua Beach is where visitors are able to try kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing and bodyboarding! Traveling to Makaha Beach in the winter is key for dedicated surfers. Large, fast and dangerous waves come in during the winter months, making it a surfers paradise.

Cruises to the Western and Southern Caribbean will provide extensive beaches for people looking to stay active or try something new. Chankanaab Bay and Lagoon, in Cozumel, is the best scuba diving and snorkeling and offers the widest variety of watersport rentals on the island. Caracas Bay Island, located in the Southern Caribbean, is great for mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, windsurfing and many more beach activities! At Antigua’s Jabberwock Beach is a great place to try kitesurfing. A powerful kite is used to propel a rider through the water on a surfboard. Wind conditions are always ideal at this beach and they offer private lessons at a kitesurfing school.

Best Beaches for Beach Bums

Beautiful scenery, clear, blue water and a great atmosphere is what makes these next beaches the best choice for people interested in relaxing and enjoying their vacation. A cruise to these beaches are great for families, friends or romantic couples who want to relax and enjoy their time at the beach. Baby Beach, in Aruba, is great for families. The water is shallow pool created by rock breakwaters and is typically no more than six feet deep. Payne’s Beach, Barbados is great for those looking for fun bars, beach cafes and beautiful cliffs and dunes. Malecon Beach in the Western Caribbean is beautiful beach filled with lounge chairs, umbrellas, boat rides and great bars.

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is a wonderful beach for families, romantic couples or friends. The two-mile stretch of beach with beachfront hotels and gentle waters, is what makes this beach so famous. Punaluu Black Sand Beach draws anyone who loves nature and unique beauty. The black sand, cool waters and sea turtles are what draws people to this magnificent beach and admiring the natural beauty. Kaanapali Beach is a three-mile beach with a great location for beachcombers, scuba divers and snorkelers combined. Wherever you decide to cruise to, remember that whatever you’re into, there is a beach for you. Start planning your cruise today with Bargain Travel Cruises! Call us at (800) 820 – 4567 today!