fun things to do when your ship docks

Destination Shore Excursions for Your Next Cruise

Shore Activities for Cruises

Cruises are full of adventure and memorable moments. You not only get the bask in the beauty of the ocean, but you get to stop at a variety of exotic locations. Take advantage of your time on shore and plan the perfect activities for everyone on your trip! No matter where your ship docks, there are a variety of attractions that are sure to keep you entertained.

Adventure Excursions for Your Next Family or Group Cruise

Cruising to different locations all around the globe is an adventure in itself. But when your ship docks for the day, the adventure is just beginning! If adventure is calling your name, make sure you plan to do some scuba diving. Scuba diving is an excellent way to see all the beauty of the ocean in a new and exciting way. Research hotels or businesses that offer quality scuba diving lessons if this is your first time plunging into the deep. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of scuba diving but still want to explore the ocean, snorkeling is your best option. Snorkeling generally occurs in areas with much more shallow water and doesn’t require lessons or certification. Snorkeling can be a great family adventure if your children who are too young for scuba diving, but old enough to be confident swimmers.

Take to the Air

Adventures not only occur on land and sea, but even the air! Zip lining is a great way to have an adventure once your ship reaches shore. If you want to fly through the air while enjoying the scenery, zip lining is right for you! Destinations with forested areas are ideal for zip lining because not only will you fly through the air, you will see the beautiful vegetation and animals at your destination.

Indulge in the Local Culture

If you want to find adventure while still having a relaxing time, make sure to indulge in the local culture during your stop! Cruise ships often dock in areas that are rich with culture and history. Take advantage of your time and take a tour of the city. You can learn a thing or two while having a fun and adventurous time. To further your cultural experience, sample some of the local cuisine while listening to live music from the locals!