Seven Travel Rules To Live By

Apply these traveler’s mantras to the ordinary life beyond your trip, and watch every day become a freeing vacation of its own.

  • Pack Light – When traveling, you want your suitcase to be small so you’ll have freedom to be active and explore. Same with your house — clear it of all that excess clutter for a freer, more active mind.
  • Savor The Moment – Travel is about enjoying this instant and not worrying about the problems that lie beyond it. Imagine what would happen if you did the same in your workplace or home.
  • Try New Things – Trips are full of precious memories because they force you to do or see or try something you haven’t before. Make similar memories in your hometown every day by braving an art class or making an ethnic dinner you’ve never tried.
  • Focus On Those Around You – On an open beach or in an airplane seat, you’ve got no choice but to engage in quality conversation with your sidekick. Take time every day to drop distractions and talk like you’re the only two people in the world.
  • Don’t Stop Dreaming – During those blissful moments of your vacation, you can’t help but start planning the next one. Don’t lose the momentum at home — make a pin board, start saving, and get your next vacation on the calendar.
  • Stay Curious – At a foreign museum or an historic walking tour, you’re deeply interested in learning from other people…probably because you paid to be there with them. Bring that curious, open, willing nature to your relationships at home.
  • Smile Big – Life is beautiful on vacation. You’re on a break from the “real world” in a gorgeous place, and your amped-up attitude makes it feel like nothing on the planet could ruffle your happiness. Make that optimistic outlook part of your every-day demeanor.