Tips For Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Along with seeing friends & family, the holidays mean crowded airports and packed roads. The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that 43.4 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from their homes to celebrate this Thanksgiving. Millions more will be flying and driving over the Christmas break. Lessen the aggrevation by maintaining your sense of humor, allowing extra time for everything, and by following these stress-busting strategies.

Strategic Planning:

  • Travel On Less Busy Days
  • Consider A Smaller (Regional) Airport
  • Lighten Your Load (Luggage)
  • Bring The Correct Travel Documents (Especially When Traveling Abroad)
  • Pack Insurance Cards & Insurance Forms
  • Battle Germs (Bring Sanitized Wipes)
  • Make “What If” Plans When Meeting Up With Family/Friends (Just In Case Your Cell Phone Battery Dies or When Cell Service Is Not Available)
  • Keep The Essentials Handy (Extra Battery Packs for Phones & Video Games, Diapers &¬†Bottles for Babies)

At The Destination:

  • Do a Safety Check (Escpecially When Traveling With Children)
  • Know The House Rules
  • Bring Or Buy Special Needs Foods (Especially If Some Family Members Are On A Specific Diet or Only Eat Certain Foods)